How to choose between two jobs?

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Sometimes we are in a fortunate position to be able to choose between two jobs. Most people then start making tables of pros and cons for the different options in order to rationalize the decision. But that rarely works, as often the options are too close to each other. Better to trust your gut feeling. But how do you do that? How to amplify the whispering of your […]

How to succeed in life – Be intentional about these 9 areas

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  The recipe behind progress is simple: It’s all about intention. Successful people don’t expect things to happen, they make them happen. Here are 9 areas of your life you should be intentional about to get out of autopilot and live a more balanced and successful life.   Your health Be intentional about your physical health as well as your mental health (your mindset). Being physically charged through proper […]

3 things you can do with listicles that will boost your personal growth

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Nobody is immune to listicles. They’re like a magnet. As soon as you read something, like, “The top 10 things you need to give up to be happy”, “The top seven traits of highly successful people”, “The top 15 protein sources”, “Five ways to spot liars (backed by science)”, then you must click on it.   They are attractive because they appeal to our fear of missing out […]

What is the biggest lie you’ve been told?

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file   SUMMARY:  We all go through this world with beliefs and assumptions about our reality that are not our own. We have simply adopted those over the years, listening to family and friends, making our own experiences and taking the lessons that were relevant at a particular time and in a particular context.   These false assumptions and limiting beliefs –if not challenged– are the main things that hold […]

Are you making the most out of stress?

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  People nowadays have a general feeling of busyness and overwhelm and their lives seem filled up with stuff. “There is so much to do” is a general response to the question of how things are.   When an emergency occurs one has to deal with, it feels disruptive and people complain about the fact that something urgent disrupted their undefined busyness. It amplifies their overwhelm.   With these […]

5 ways your mind tricks you into inaction (and what you can do about it)

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:    It’s difficult enough to decide on what you want to do. It is difficult enough to get motivated and inspired to start something new, something exciting, something big.  Then sooner or later your mind jumps in to dash your hopes.   Here are five tricks it uses to keep you in inaction and make yourself doubt so that you don’t start in the first place.   You […]

No progress? Are you getting the basics right?

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:    When we don’t get the results that we would like to get and don’t experience the progress that we expected, very often it is due to the fact that we focus on the wrong things.   We pull the wrong levers and tweak and fine-tune the wrong elements. We think too complicated and way too many steps ahead.   This is the moment where you should ask […]

The main reason why you don’t take action is as simple as it is worrisome!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Whether it is the dream weight you wanted to reach, whether it is the goal that you set out to achieve, whether it is the relationship that you wanted to improve or whether it is about finally taking steps towards independence and building your own business…. you don’t do what you wanted to do.   We have unlimited potential that could help us do literally anything, yet, we […]

Why you need to limit your options to succeed!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  If you are feeling helpless, and with your back against the wall, understanding that you have options is very comforting. You realize that there is something you can do, to get out of misery. Where there are options, there is hope. But as with many things in life, options are a double-edged sword. They can give you opportunities. However, they can also paralyze you and not allow you […]

3 ways to silence your doubts and take that leap of faith.

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  When we are about to make a big change in our lives, we find ourselves in front of an abyss, a gap, that separates us from our destination.   We try to close that gap by looking for information that would answer all our questions.   But information can’t close that gap, because it is not help open by the lack of information. It is held open by […]