What do you expect from life?

Not many people live their lives with the aim to have no regrets at their death beds. DO YOU?

Not many people would describe their current lives as being highly successful and how they always imagined them to be. DO YOU?

Do you WANT to? Stupid question…who doesn’t, right?

But how do you do that?

How do you live the days of the one life you have in a way that feels purposeful and not wasted? What mindset do you need to have and what approach do you need to take in order to feel accomplished and be successful?

Would probably fill an entire life to philosophize on this…but for now, if I would need to distil it into one thing, my short answer would be:

"Define the person you want to become.
Be that person NOW, and watch what happens”

What do I mean by that?

See, we base our identity and confidence on our achievements and missteps of the past. It makes kind of sense as the past is what got us there. Our struggles and successes formed us and made us who we are.

But here’s the thing. What we tend to forget is that the “current us” is not the “final version” of us. It is only a draft work in progress, so to say.

The moment I realized that was the moment that changed my life.

Why do I say that? For two reasons…

First, with this in mind, meaning that you are not supposed to yet be perfect, know everything, do everything well, would you not cut yourself some slack when you are feeling down and inadequate and treat the current situation accordingly? Realizing that you might struggle for now, but trusting that you can (and will) figure things out and master anything while growing personally.

Second, believing that you are working and growing towards a better you, does this not allow you to consult your future self when you struggle and ask “What would the ideal me do in this situation? What do I need to know now, what would I need to do now, how would I need to behave now, so that my future me would look back and be proud of today?”

What gets in the way most of the time is that
people either don’t believe they can or don’t know how.

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What makes people successful?

Nothing is more rewarding than improving yourself and moving towards the person you want to become, the person you are meant to become.

But how does that make you successful?

Will possibly depend on how you define success, but here’s a thought: People rush to settle too early. They give up too early and do average things. But nobody likes average, nobody promotes average.

Becoming the best you can be, feeling good about yourself and mastering life and work is not only going to boost your confidence and ego.

It will inspire others to do the same. Their successes will be your successes.

What people want and need are people who are vibrant and alive and show possibility. People are always looking up to others for guidance and benchmark. It happens all the time, it happens subconsciously. We are hardwired since our childhood to do that. This is how we learn – we copy. The behavior that you show is picked up by others around you, and it serves them to either validate or disrupt their current beliefs.

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