The main reason why you don’t take action is as simple as it is worrisome!



Whether it is the dream weight you wanted to reach, whether it is the goal that you set out to achieve, whether it is the relationship that you wanted to improve or whether it is about finally taking steps towards independence and building your own business…. you don’t do what you wanted to do.


We have unlimited potential that could help us do literally anything, yet, we don’t tap into it right away. Very often we choose the easy way out, fall into mediocrity and follow our impulses rather than doing what’s necessary to change direction and move forward.


Why is this?


The answer is as simple as it is worrisome: You don’t take massive, transformative action, because you don’t have to.


There is no real pressure. Nothing really bad or good will happen if we do something or not. That’s why we procrastinate and put things off. We don’t really have the necessary sense of urgency to push us out of our comfort zone.


And that’s the crux. We can only tap into our resourcefulness, our creativity and massive potential when we are outside of our comfort zone. When we get stretched. When there is pressure.


Most of the self-made millionaires and successful people rose from bankruptcy. They HAD TO make it or face a life being homeless.


So, embrace the struggle, embrace the obstacles, embrace the pressure. In fact, seek them, because they are your fuel. They are the ingredients that cause necessity which will allow you to access your unlimited resources that you have deep inside of you.


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living as a role model!


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.


You can do anything you put your mind to. You know that, right? Still why do we not always achieve what we want to achieve?


You have unlimited potential. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You have unlimited potential. You must believe that. But the problem is that we don’t always tap into that potential.


What happens is that most of the time we choose the easy way, or we follow our impulses. Why is this? Why can we not do what we are capable of doing?


The answer is rather simple: because we don’t have to. The reason why we don’t do what we are capable of doing is because we don’t really have to.



I’m going to share with you a story in order to illustrate what I mean. I had interviewed recently a friend of mine. He’s a vice president in a big pharma organization. He told me a story in that interview that struck a chord with me. Here’s how that story went.


In the headquarters of the company he worked in, they put pressure on a very promising market in order to achieve the expected sales.


For those who are not familiar with the process, what typically happens, is that in such a planning process, a country analyzes their market and reports to the headquarters what we believe they can achieve for the upcoming year.


The headquarters challenge that, and say what they think is possible and where the country should rather look at. Then the two parties have some argumentation and typically agree rather closer to the upper number.


In this case, again what happened was that there was pressure on the market. The way the market responded, what they chose to do, was as expected to increase their sales force. Why did they do it?


If you increase your sales force you can reach more of your customers and in big pharma that is the doctors. You can reach more of those doctors and explain your product so that they can be aware of the benefits and prescribe your brand more.


They did this for a couple of rounds in planning. They realized, however, at some point of time that this is not something that they can continue to do in a sustainable way.


The costs of the sales force is a rather high cost in a company. What they ended up doing is they went one level higher to address policy. Now what does that mean?


In the pharma business that means that they would go to those experts amongst doctors, to those decision makers who very often come together frequently in the year to develop recommendations that are guiding doctors on what’s the best thing to do based on the available evidence.


These recommendations are in place so that doctors don’t have to do all of the evidence research themselves. They can follow those recommendations in order to prescribe what’s the best based on the current evidence.


Needless to say, that this of course changed the game for the country completely. They increased their sales a lot. How so?


Well, because of course it’s very easy if your product is recommended in those official recommendations so that you don’t need to do the field work and go on one on one discussions with individual doctors.


Two lessons that I got from this story:

  • Lesson number one: there is always another (and very often better) way of doing things.
  • Lesson number two: we will not act, until we have to.


That’s the case in so many areas of our lives. It is a problem in so many areas of our lives.


I’m sure you’re familiar with this. How often did you need a deadline for you to do something? How often did you start something and quit? For instance, a typical example going to the gym or eating healthier. Why? Because you don’t really have to. How often did you make an attempt to get promoted, and you started, but then gave up. You didn’t go the extra mile, you didn’t put in the extra effort.


Why? Because you don’t really have to.


We are very tempted to stay in our comfort zone. In that zone where we have established our routines, where we are comfortable, where we actually follow our impulses, and choose the easy way.


Instead of going into the stretch zone, that area where we are forced to tap into our resourcefulness. The benefit for us moving out of our comfort zone is solely to be stretched and tap into that resourcefulness.



The only way we can act on that resourcefulness and actually tap into our unlimited potential that we have, is by having pressure.


We can try and put pressure on ourselves but that very often doesn’t work. You know how good humans are with putting pressure on themselves. We need that external pressure.


The message here from me to you is, please embrace the struggle, embrace the problems, embrace the obstacles, embrace the pressure that is coming on you.


If you’re an employee, you will be very familiar with the situation where your boss puts pressure on you, be it budget or time wise. Now, I hope that you can see that this is really a way for you to develop yourself and to tap into your potential.


The only way for you to do what you’re capable of, the only way for you to demonstrate that you can do better than even yourself think you can, is by having that pressure and by tapping into your resourcefulness, your creativity, and into your potential.


If you are a boss actually, and if you have people reporting to you, my recommendation would be to align with everybody in your team on why this is necessary to be done. Why you are pursuing those goals and then put the pressure on the ‘how’. This will allow the team to actually go to their potential.


You need to make sure, as a boss, that you believe that whatever you’re about to do is possible. This is the number one requirement. Second, you have to show that you believe in people’s ability to figure this out.


If you exhibit those two beliefs and you communicate properly with your team, then if there is pressure on the ‘how’, it’s not going to harm. Instead, it’s going to pull the best out of the employees.


If you are the employee, please embrace the struggle. Most of the time people can deal with the pressure if they only understood the ‘why’ behind the task or the action. Reach out to the boss if you struggle to understand why something is suggested or requested of you.


Once you understand the ‘why’, once you believe that something is possible and once you have yourself or somebody else believe in your capabilities, pressure will you tap into your potential.


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Thank you very, very much again for watching and until the next post all the best.



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