3 things you can do with listicles that will boost your personal growth



Nobody is immune to listicles. They’re like a magnet. As soon as you read something, like, “The top 10 things you need to give up to be happy”, “The top seven traits of highly successful people”, “The top 15 protein sources”, “Five ways to spot liars (backed by science)”, then you must click on it.


They are attractive because they appeal to our fear of missing out (FOMO) on information. Is there anything we don’t know yet?


As you will not be able to escape them anyway, you might as well just make the most out of them. Here three suggestions:


  1. Pick one thing from the list, the one that resonated most with you, or the one that keeps coming up when you read these lists. Decide to implement it and make that ONE change.
  2. Forward it to a friend, BUT only after you read it and felt it could be helpful to someone. Write a line or two to point the person to the right direction.
  3. Deep dive into the topic and become an expert. Don’t just read the headlines and close it. Collect information on a certain topic of interest for a while and make up your own opinion.


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living as a role model!


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.


Nobody is immune to listicles, including me. They’re like a magnet. As soon as you read something, like, “The top 10 things you need to give up to be happy”, “The top seven traits of highly successful people”, “The top 15 protein sources”, “Five ways to spot liars (backed by science)”, then you must click on it.


What ends up happening normally is you skim through the headlines and then you just close it and move on, or worst case, you actually forward it to a friend without even having read it.


Why are they so attractive? Why can’t we escape the gravitational field of listicles?


Well, I believe it has not so much to do with the information they provide; because as you know, the bullet points of listicles have normally one, two, three lines of information.


I believe it’s because they’re used by people to check the knowledge, like quizzes. People love to see if there’s anything they don’t yet know about something.


For instance, on productivity: Is there anything I don’t know about productivity? Or something like: Is there any new celebrity that was pretty but now is ugly that I don’t know about? Is there any new trait of successful people that I don’t know about?


Then, you read through the bullet points and you realize, no, successful people wake up early, they exercise regularly, and they work hard.


But see, no matter how shallow these listicles often are, they provide, I find, a really big stepping stone for personal transformation. They can do it, but of course, you need to do something with it. You need to make the most out of them. Here’s what I suggest you do.


First, you could do something for yourself.


Make that one change!


Here’s the thing. When you read through the bullets of a listicle, normally there is always something that resonates with you, that makes you stop, that makes you pause, something that is interesting.


It might be something that popped up once, or it might be something that kept popping up and you see again and again. Well this is always a sign.


My suggestion is to stop, and pause, and ask yourself, “What would it take me to actually implement this? What would it do for me? How would it change my life?”


The important thing is that you actually act fast. You act fast before your mind realizes that you want to do something and you want to change something.


Because as I often told you, your mind will step in to stop you from doing anything.


Act fast; decide on the one thing that felt interesting, and that you liked. Decide to do something about it. Make that one change. It could possibly change your life.


The other thing you could do (if you don’t want to do something for yourself) is:


Do something for somebody else


And no, I don’t mean just forward the listicle.


Which reminds me of my previous job where we regularly received emails with a PDF attached saying “FYI” (for your information).


For your information, what? I mean, it should read FYF (for your frustration), because if you receive a PDF attached with 60 odd pages, then you don’t know what’s important for you.


If you want to do something good for somebody, show that you care. If you have read it and you feel this is something that is relevant for somebody in particular, then point them to the right direction. Highlight what is important. Maybe, write one or two sentences to make it clear why you feel this could be important or even transformational for the person.


My final suggestion is:


Become an expert.


When you find yourself constantly clicking on the same kind of things, like, “Traits of highly successful people”, to keep this example, or, “The top 15 protein sources”, what you can do is to just collect these things for a month.


Keep collecting these things, and look at what they suggest again and again. Are they consistent, or are they contradicting? Write these things down. Make your own list.


If you want, you can dig a little bit deeper, and look at the references to see what recommendation, if there’s any contradiction, is based on a more solid ground.


For instance on a typical topic of exercise: Should you do weights before cardio, or cardio before weights? Look a little bit how they’re arguing, and become yourself an expert.


I hope this was something that can guide you and give you some ideas on how to make most out of listicles.


You will not be able to escape them anyway, so you might as well just make the most out of them.


These are three suggestions:

  • Do something for yourself. Look into making that one change. It really might literally change your life.
  • Do something for somebody else. If you read something where you really see a friend of yours, where you see this could be helpful in a difficult situation, in a particularly critical situation, forward it to them; but write something about it Write and show that you care.
  • Finally, why not using these listicles that you keep reading again and again to become an expert yourself. There’s always something that you can put together, something you can challenge and make your own version of.


I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it inspired you to do something differently.


If you liked it, please like the video and also share it with a friend.


I want to thank you very much for watching, and until the next post, all the best.



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