Want to beat procrastination? Watch out for these 5 traps!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Our brain has become very sneaky in finding ways to delay starting the work or find ways to delay the delivery. Sometimes procrastination is obvious, for instance when we get distracted by social media. Sometimes however it can be rather disguised as legit work and we might not be aware that we are procrastinating.   Here are 5 sources/behaviors that are very common.   Seeking entertainment, most notably […]

How exercise can shape your mind for change

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  A lot of people struggle with change. It is never easy changing anything in our lives. It has never been. We are too comfortable with the situation as it is and often don’t even attempt to change it. We are afraid to loose what we have, and we are also afraid of what we might get; the unknown on the other side.   But the biggest blocker for […]

How to NOT lose excitement and passion at work.

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  When you begin a new job, you love it. You go all in, you give a hundred percent, you seek to learn, you seek to contribute and to do things, you want to make a difference. You do things without expecting anything in return. You don’t feel any stress, because you work hard on something that you care about. This creates passion.   Sooner or later, you fall […]

Three things you should know about problems before tackling them successfully

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY: Many of you will have come across the saying that “the problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem”. What does THAT mean? Are there no problems? Are we making them up? How do we define a problem? Here are three thoughts and ideas about problems that I believe are necessary to understand before we even attempt to solve them. A problem is […]

Struggling to BE productive? Try to FEEL productive instead!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Being productive is highly individual. Who could possibly judge if you’re productive? You have a different sense of productivity. Your boss has a different sense of productivity. Your spouse, your friends, have a different sense of productivity. It’s a highly individual thing. One could go even one step further and say it’s an emotional thing. Because you ARE not productive, you FEEL productive. How do you do that? […]

Are you a perfectionist? Here is a thought to help you overcome it.

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Have you ever struggled to meet a deadline? Are things piling up on your table and you don’t get anything off the table? Are people giving you feedback that you could be more collaborative or you could share more? Have you ever not spoken up in a meeting, thinking your idea may not be “quite there yet”, just to witness that ten minutes later somebody raised their hand […]

How to vacation like a boss!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file   SUMMARY:  The vacation period is such a wonderful time. You get to visit places you always wanted to go to. You manage to visit relatives whom you might not have seen for the entire year. And you get to enjoy the sun. Well, at least in some places.   And yet, there’s always a little bit of stress associated with vacation. I’m sure you’re familiar with this experience: […]

Saying “I’m busy” is bad for you. Here is why and what you could do instead.

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file   SUMMARY: There are two things that can happen if you tell somebody in front of you “I’m busy.” He can either think that you’re a superhero, super important because you have so many things on your to-do list. Or he might think you’re a moron and you can’t handle your life. That you don’t know how to manage things. What are you hoping for? Think of what are […]

You are a role model – any time, anywhere!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file   SUMMARY: People are always looking up to others for guidance and benchmark. It happens all the time. Often it happens subconsciously.   It happens in the supermarket for instance, when you see a young mother dealing with a crying child in a way that makes you reflect on how you deal with difficult situations with your own kids. Or maybe while driving in the streets, and the person […]