The only thing that should define your value!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  If you sometimes struggle with your self-esteem and self-worth it is most probably because you allow external circumstances or other people to define your value.   External circumstances can change, something that can and will impact your sense of self. But your past situation doesn’t define who you are or predicts your future.   Other people can’t possibly know your potential and they most likely will judge your […]

The “Essential 4” to building strong relationships at work

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  Creating strong bonds with people who are relevant, who are influential and who can have a significant impact on your career, as mentors or sponsors, doesn’t happen by accident.   There are 4 essentials you should focus on to build strong relationships with people that matter to you:   Approach a relationship from the perspective of what you can do for them, instead of what they can do […]

You must take these 3 steps to turn your thoughts into solid actable plans

[dot_recommends]   Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:    Thinking happens inside of our heads, but planning happens outside of our heads. If you want to act upon your thoughts, you need to get the “raw material” out of your head and upgrade it. Here are three steps to do this: Write it down. There is a special connection, and you should leverage this connection between your brain and your hand. Look at it. Step […]

Be more intentional about next year! Here’s how.

[dot_recommends] GET THE PLANNER BELOW THE VIDEO! Download the mp3 audio file   SUMMARY:  What do you expect from life? No matter what it is, living the same year over and over again won’t get you there. Watch the movie “Groundhog Day” if you don’t believe me :-). The end of the year is not only the time for relaxation and recovery from a demanding year. It is also the time for reflection, awareness and adjustment […]

5 ways to be more inspiring

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:    Every great achievement starts with inspiration. Because inspiration is the catalyst that appeals to something very deep in us that drives us to change. Here is how you can be more inspiring. It will not only make you more successful but it will also liberate others to do the same. Believe you can. Show up with a mentality that, “Yes, I am enough. I have something to […]

There are three levels of ambition for our dreams. (What are YOU trying to achieve?)

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:    There are three levels of ambition for our dreams, which interestingly reveal the main obstacles we face and the mindset we need to adapt in order to pursue and to achieve our goals.   Ask yourself, “what am I trying to achieve?” Number one: “You are trying to achieve nothing”. In this case, please change that. Define your ambition, define a purpose for your life, define your […]

The truth about GOALS.

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  People not only struggle with achieving their goals. In fact, they also struggling with setting goals. One major reason is they are afraid to miss them.   What if I told you, that the ultimate victory is not reaching the goal?   A goal is not an endpoint. It is a milestone on a journey to somewhere. And so, if the goal is not the final destination, why […]

How to look back at your life to craft a compelling story!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  How far have you come in your life? What makes you, you? Looking back at your life and connecting the dots is one of the most important exercises you’ll need to do to increase your self-awareness, build your self-confidence and get well positioned for what the future has lined up for you.   Here are five questions you need to answer to better understand yourself and your path […]

STOP sabotaging yourself from making big progress!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  When we want to succeed at something, there are always multiple things we need to look at, various areas we need to consider.   Problem is, that from all the areas that can be and should be done in order to successfully tackle a particular topic, we ignore one or some. And the reason is that we either don’t know about them or we avoid them.   This […]

How Isaac Newton can help you accelerate your life (if you do your small part)!

[dot_recommends] Download the mp3 audio file SUMMARY:  The first law of Newton’s laws of motion says that, an object at rest will remain at rest unless or until a force acts upon it. A moving object will continue to move at the same velocity, until a force acts upon it.   How can we apply this to our everyday lives to beat procrastination, gain momentum and get things done?   Get yourself from a “rest […]