Are you making the most out of stress?



People nowadays have a general feeling of busyness and overwhelm and their lives seem filled up with stuff. “There is so much to do” is a general response to the question of how things are.


When an emergency occurs one has to deal with, it feels disruptive and people complain about the fact that something urgent disrupted their undefined busyness. It amplifies their overwhelm.


With these blinders on, however, people fail to see that such urgencies, emergencies and crises can be a blessing. They actually can save you from the boring, mediocre, everyday life by giving you something concrete to tackle. Something that you can use to get noticed. To prove yourself. To shine. To grow.


MESSAGE: Don’t hang on to a steady, uniform, numbing life. Re-frame the appearing struggle that might at first feel like disruption. Ask yourself “How can I use this to shine, to prove myself, to get noticed?”


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living as a role model!


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.


Think about it for a minute: most of our lives, most of the time, we feel busy and overwhelmed, maybe with the exception of vacation (although if you go on vacation with kids, I think vacation is no exception too busy and overwhelm).


And If I’d asked you at any given time, “How are things going? What are you doing?” Then most of the time you’d reply that there’s a lot going on, that there’s so much to do.


And it always feels like we’re operating at the upper limit. Like there’s no space to squeeze anything in. We are full. We are at the maximum of our capacity.


And yet, when any emergency happens, for instance, at home, you have a water leakage that floods the floor of your home, or at work, your boss was incapable of buffering and filtering a request that came from their bosses so they just pass it on to you.


Every time this kind of emergencies happen, we are able to pause whatever we’re doing, put it on the back burner and focus now on the new thing. Now, all of a sudden, there’s space for new stuff.


It’s interesting when you think about it because the question, of course, which then should pop up in your head is, “What was it then that I’ve been so busy about and overwhelmed with?”


I mean, how important were these things, that if an emergency comes up all of a sudden, I can put them aside.


But anyway, this post is not about this. This post is about the fact that we often complain about these situations, about these emergencies.


And if you think about it, these emergencies, these peaks of our lives, are actually there to save us because they give us something concrete to do.


In everyday life, we experience just a fluffy busyness. We cannot really nail down or put the finger on what it is exactly that we’re busy with. Often, we don’t even remember all these things that we have to do. We just remember that it was a lot.


But these emergencies actually give us something concrete to do. They drag us out of the misery of a busy, yes, but actually boring and mediocre life. These peak situations give us the opportunity to shine, to prove ourselves, to get noticed, and to grow.



Now, you will have seen and realized for yourself that during these situations, is the time where we are dragged out of our comfort zone. These are the times where we are actually becoming resourceful.


In stress and strain is where we actually learn the most about ourselves. There’s a very powerful Greek proverb that says, if I literally translate it, that, “A good captain only shows in the storm.”



Makes sense, because it’s very easy to navigate a ship when the sea is calm like oil. A good captain will always show when it is stormy weather.



So, these situations, when there is stress and strain, allow us to actually move out of our comfort zone and prove ourselves, to look at our values, to reconsider our character, to see what we truly are at the core of ourselves.



Now, I’m not saying that we need more of these emergencies, God no. But we need to learn, to oscillate between a stressful situation and a situation where we can recover.


We need to become aware of the fact that we are in stress or strain. It’s not as easy as you might think. We need to watch out for the signs, and we also need to understand what actually got us there to be able to be more mindful about that situation.


And then, ultimately, oscillate between the stress situation, that should hopefully be temporarily bothering us, and the comfort zone where we can actually recover.


We don’t need more of those stressful situations, clearly not, but the question that I’m asking you is, are you making the most out of them when they strike?


Are you getting the most out of these bursts of stress? Because they are there to help you grow. If you don’t embrace these bursts of stress, if you don’t gratefully and consciously put yourself into the struggle and try to learn from this, the risk is that you actually just try to get very fast over it and miss the lesson.


Such emergencies, appear most of the time, out of our control, but how we react to them and how we choose to respond to them is always within our control.


In these peak situations, in these emergencies, it is when the figurative master appears. And the master appears because you’re ready for the lesson. So be open to these situations. Don’t complain about them, learn from them. They are there for you to tap into your full potential.


So, this short video is just a quick reminder for you to understand that everything that happens to you is something that you can choose how to respond to.


Don’t complain about these urgencies, be it in your private life or be it in your professional life. These urgencies these emergencies are there as a lesson. They are there to prove yourself. There’s an opportunity for you to get noticed and to be visible.


I hope you liked and enjoyed this short lesson. If you did so, please “like it” and please share it.


I wish you a wonderful day and thanks again very much for watching.



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