How to choose between two jobs?



Sometimes we are in a fortunate position to be able to choose between two jobs.

Most people then start making tables of pros and cons for the different options in order to rationalize the decision. But that rarely works, as often the options are too close to each other. Better to trust your gut feeling. But how do you do that? How to amplify the whispering of your gut to be heard against the screaming of your mind?


Use the following question in order to make the “follow your gut” advice more tangible. Ask yourself: “Where would I give 100%?”


When you ask yourself this question, you make no assumptions about the future, but focus on something you can control. You cannot predict the future, but you can shape it by your actions in the here and now. And the quality of your actions will come from what drives you.


So, choose the job where you would show commitment and dedication, because this will lead you ultimately to success. It will open up doors and opportunities, and increase your visibility because you will be doing a good job.


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living as a role model!


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.


How do I choose between two jobs? You might have asked yourself this question. You might be asking yourself this question right now.


I am sure you are familiar with the situation. You’re working on your job, then all of a sudden, a new opportunity shows up. You wonder, “Should I take this opportunity or should I stick with my current job?”


Or in another situation you might have gone away from your actual job, on an assignment or a secondment or a mission, let’s say, for one year or two years. Now, you have to come back to a more permanent position. In fact, you might even be able to choose between various options.


How do you decide?


What most people would do is, they make tables. They start making lists of pros and cons of the two options they have. That’s exactly what a friend of mine did when he called me for advice.


He had the options between two jobs and he said that one job was more a trend in the industry, a job that it might be good to have on your CV, to have experience in this area, in this field. It came, however, with a disadvantage in regards to location and was a financial stretch.


Then there was the other job. The other job was filling gaps in his professional life. It would expose him to something that was challenging, something actually completely different, that he’s never done before. The location would be more preferable.


Have you done something like this before? Have you made lists of pros and cons?


Of course, you have. We all have. But here’s the thing, what ends up happening -this is the biggest problem with this approach- is that the two things that you compare, come very close. You never have a situation where on one side of the table you have only pros or a really positively balanced pro versus cons ration and on the other side it’s exactly the opposite, which would allow you to make an easy decision.


It never comes down to this, they always come very close. Then you’re stuck again, back to square one.


How do you decide?


Another approach people suggest is that they recommend, “Go with your gut feeling, do what FEELS right.” That’s per say not a bad advice. In fact, that’s great advice, going into the right direction.


But how do you know what feels right? How do you know how it feels like when you will have chosen something, I mean you are trying to predict how you will feel in the future.


Don’t forget also, that your mind has stepped in, has started to make tables, lists, pros, cons and it is much louder than your gut feeling, that possibly is whispering to you something that you might be overhearing.


How do you decide?


Here’s a solution for you. Here is a question that you can ask yourself that will help you make a decision. This is exactly what I suggested to my friend. I believe it’s a very powerful question when it comes to choosing between options, in particular in your professional life.


What it also does is, basically quantifying this “go with your gut feeling”, it makes it more tangible. Here’s what it is.


Ask yourself, “Where would I give 100%?


Where would I give 100%?” I believe that when you give 100%, success is almost guaranteed. Don’t forget that when you make tables, lists, pros and cons, you always make assumptions. You make assumptions about the trend in the industry, you make assumptions about people’s opinions, and so on and so forth.


But when you ask yourself the question, “Where would I give 100%?” you are focusing on the one thing that you have control over. You cannot predict the future. But you can shape the future by your actions, by the actions that you take right now. And your actions will be defined, but what drives you! That’s why you have to ask yourself the question, “Where would I give 100%, so that I am dedicated, and get pulled by something that drives me?”


Your dedication will lead you ultimately to success. It will open up doors and opportunities, it will make you visible. You will be noticed because you will be doing a great job, because you are driven.


Don’t forget the other thing: don’t ever underestimate the psychology of decision-making. You never really make a decision with your brain. No one ever does. The decision is made by our subconscious. The brain just finds ways to justify the decision. Don’t force it.


You will rather be able to talk yourself into a decision that you’ve taken with your heart rather than be able to feel good about a decision that you took with your brain.


“Where would I give 100%?” Is the question you have to ask yourself, my friend.


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