What is the biggest lie you’ve been told?




We all go through this world with beliefs and assumptions about our reality that are not our own. We have simply adopted those over the years, listening to family and friends, making our own experiences and taking the lessons that were relevant at a particular time and in a particular context.


These false assumptions and limiting beliefs –if not challenged– are the main things that hold us back and keep us stuck.


One of the most detrimental ones, is “it’s not that simple”. We have heard it many times and keep hearing again and again from people around us. That’s why it is ingrained in our heads. It became part of who we are and our first filter when exploring anything new and worth going for.


But like with many others, it is a lie. Once you do what people tell you that you can’t, then it’s done. And you realize that it actually IS as simple as that.


What’s the biggest lie YOU have been told? What do you need to address to finally get that weight off your shoulders, get unstuck, and move towards greatness?


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.


I was browsing through YouTube recently. I do this regularly.


I told you that I believe one of the most important habits that you need to install in your life, is to actually flood your mind with positivity in order to be able to conquer your mind.


I mentioned it in previous posts, that your mind is basically your best bodyguard. Your mind’s only job is to protect you. To do that, it will always downplay your potential. It will always up-play the risks and the threats.


It will always look for risks and the threats, and do everything in its power to keep you protected, and to keep you from doing anything. But that then also means that it will keep you from doing and embarking on something that is fantastic and great.


Flooding your mind with possibility and positivity is important, be it through inspirational videos, or through nice success books. Whatever you find that can keep reprogramming and rewiring your brain, for example affirmations or meditation…. any of this will help you conquer your mind.


Now, back to my story. I’m deviating.


I was, as I said, browsing on YouTube and I came across a video, one of those motivational videos, that gave me the shiver. I can tell you, this happens sometimes. It happens once in a while when the message that I hear is so deeply resonating with me.


This video was actually a video about a movie, a trailer. The movie is called “Bleed For This” and it’s a movie from 2016, so rather recent. This movie is a true story about a providence boxer who came to fame after winning a couple of world titles.


The guy is Vinny Pazienza. This boxer, after getting into a near-fatal car accident, broke his neck, and the doctors told him he will never be able to walk again, let alone be able to box again.


Of course, trying to prove the man that he is, he doesn’t give up. He trains hard and he has one of the most iconic comebacks of sports history.


So far, so good. Certainly, this was expected from a motivational video. Guy is told he can’t do something à he does it and proves them wrong.


Here’s the WOW moment. Here is what happened that actually made me stop and rethink.


In the movie, during an interview with a journalist, the journalist asks him, “What is the biggest lie you’ve been told?” That is such a powerful question I hope that every one of us and every one of you is actually going to ask yourself this. “What is the biggest lie you’ve been told?”


He says, “It’s not that simple.”


The journalist doesn’t get it immediately and she asked back, “What’s not that simple?”


He says, “No, that’s the biggest lie. People keep telling you that something’s not that simple, and this is the most important reason, that keeps you from doing things. Because people tell you it’s not that simple, and you believe that.”


She asks him back, “Then, if this is the biggest lie you’ve been told, what’s the truth?”


He answers, “The truth is, that is actually is. Once you do what people tell you that you can’t, then it’s done. And you realize that it is as simple as that.”


I told you about this in one of my previous posts, you might remember. I said that we live our lives so often based on assumptions and beliefs which are stored by our minds in our heads, and we rarely challenge and question these beliefs by asking, “Who put those things in there? Was it me or was it somebody else?” And “What was the context when this was relevant” because right now, it might not be relevant anymore.



You can imagine that such a sentence, “It’s not that simple”, if said by somebody you love, by somebody you respect, by a mentor of yours, by somebody you deeply value in terms of advice, your dad for example, then with certainty this is going to be welcome by your mind and put immediately into your database of beliefs.



Such a belief, however, is not stored in a way that is linked to the particular context that was present when you put it in there. No, instead, this belief is going to be generalized by your mind, and then, all of a sudden, NOTHING is that simple.


Now every time you try to do something new, “It’s not that simple” became your mantra.


This is what you need to be afraid of. This is what you need to be challenging again and again.


What’s the biggest lie YOU have been told, guys? Think about it for a moment. What do you believe to be true?


What do you believe to be true but, actually, if you dug a bit deeper and if you looked a little bit closer and scratched on the surface, you would realize that this is an outdated belief? That it’s not true for you anymore and it’s the single biggest thing that is keeping you from moving forward.



What’s the biggest lie you’ve been told?


I hope this inspired you as much as it did inspire me. I really loved that motivational video and I’m going to watch the movie for sure. It was an amazing message for me, so I hope you enjoyed it.



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I thank you very much for watching this and I wish you a wonderful day until the next post.



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