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What do you expect from life? No matter what it is, living the same year over and over again won’t get you there. Watch the movie “Groundhog Day” if you don’t believe me :-).

The end of the year is not only the time for relaxation and recovery from a demanding year. It is also the time for reflection, awareness and adjustment of your plans.

Here is what you can do to progress and move forwards towards your goals.

Looking back at last year:

  1. Capture the things that you’ve done. What made last year great for you?
  2. Mark those things that had a big impact in your life and those that did not.
  3. Remember what you wanted to do but didn’t really start or get done and reflect on why this was the case
  4. Become aware of things that were bothering you about yourself
  5. Identify those things that you believe are holding you back. The big obstacles that you need to get out of the way.

Planning for next year:

  1. Decide whether you want to take anything over from last year
  2. Define what new things you want in have your life and make sure that those get priority which are in the core of the life you want to live.
  3. Make sure you put things in place to tackle your personal growth, what you want to change about yourself and your self-limiting beliefs
  4. Create an environment where your new plans actually have a chance to succeed. Think of routines to install, behavior required and skills needed.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t go immediately as they should. Change takes time. But as a new day can bring a new opportunity so can a new year bring the chance for a lasting change.

It can happen. Believe in the possibility and keep trying. Keep moving forward and be intentional about your future.


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living as a role model!


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.

It’s the end of the year and I cannot NOT give you advice on how to plan for next year.

I know that many people are struggling with this, trying to do something new, trying to make a difference in their lives and making better plans for the year to come.

So, I wanted to share with you a process that I have put in place for myself. The way I look back at the previous year and how I plan for the year to come and I hope that it might be helpful for you.

If you have not yet tried to investigate for yourself, or have not found anything on the internet that works for you, then maybe this is something that you can at least give a try to do something differently.

Because let me ask you this:

How happy are you about last year? How fulfilled were you last year? Was it your best year yet?




If no, uh — if yes, great.

But was it the best year because of the things that happened to you or because of the things that you intentionally installed in your life? I’m not thinking about resolutions here. I’m thinking about those things that are moving you forward, those things that you planned for your personal growth.

If you are not satisfied yet with how you managed things in the past, here’s a suggestion. Have a look at it. Give it a try. Maybe it is something for you.

Now, here’s what I do.


Looking back at last year.

STEP 1: Capture everything that you did, or any memorable events. What made last year great for you?

Take your time for this. It will not come easily, particularly not if you do it for the first time. Your mind might play tricks on you. You might feel, “Oh there was not really anything particular or anything special”.

There was!

Take your time. Find a place, find some peace and go through this exercise.

Write down everything that you feel worth noting down. It can be new activities that you tried, it can be the fact that you progressed particularly well on something you had started before. It might be family events like weddings and baptisms and things like that. It can be also something that you’re particularly proud of, like having been very consistent with exercising. Just write those things down.


STEP 2: Mark those elements with an asterisk that you feel had a big impact on your life.

When looking back, you will realize -at least it was the fact in my case- that you have been investing a lot of time and effort in things that didn’t make a lot of difference in your life. They didn’t have that impact that you wanted them to have.

It’s not the time to be judgmental. This is not the time to look at your year back and say, “Oh, my God I wasted my time”.

It’s very important to put them down, to have them visible in front of you, and to raise your awareness about this.


STEP 3: Complement this little exercise by also noting those things down that you wanted to do but you didn’t get to do.

Again, please don’t be judgmental. There might be all sorts of reasons why you didn’t get to do those things. It doesn’t matter. Just write those things down and I will tell you in a minute why this is important.


STEP 4: The final two things that I want you to do in order to finalize and to conclude the review of last year are,

#1: capture those things that you didn’t like about yourself; about the way you were. It might be things like being short-tempered, choleric, emotional. Or you didn’t like that you had too much “Schadenfreude”, i.e. malicious joy (being happy when something bad happens to other people). Whatever you observed about yourself that you didn’t like, capture it.

#2: capture also your self-limiting beliefs. Those things that are holding you back. Even if you didn’t have any coach to go with you through this, it doesn’t matter. I am sure that you know what your self-limiting beliefs are. The big items are always visible. Sometimes they hide as excuses. It can be thoughts such as, “I have nothing special to offer. Whatever I can do, everybody else can do as well” or “I didn’t do this because this exist already, it would be nothing new”.


Why is it important to capture those? Well, it is fundamentally important because no matter how much you plan for next year, no matter how much you want to change, how much you want to accelerate anything next year, it will not happen when your mind is stepping on the brakes. You need to identify those things that are holding you back in order to move forward.


Quick recap: Look how far you’ve come, and what you have captured already.

  • You have the things that you’ve done.
  • You even qualified those by identifying the things that had a big impact in your life and those that did not.
  • You captured what you wanted to do but didn’t really start or get done.
  • You brought to your attention those things that were bothering you about yourself and
  • you have those things that you believe are holding you back. The big obstacles that you need to get out of the way.

This is fantastic, this is already huge.


Now, the icing of the cake for the review would be if you have been journaling last year, if you have been capturing the lessons of your life.

This might come from attending a workshop or seminars online or offline. It might have been at work when you thought about something while in a meeting and you jotted it down in your notebook.

Now is the time to look at those things. You look at those things from a perspective of them being things to consider. These are your lessons. You want to keep these in mind when moving forward and planning.

That was the review of last year. You’re done! Now, it’s all about jumping into planning for next year.


Planning for next year.

Every start is difficult; every beginning is tough and messy. But we did the review of last year which should help us get started.


STEP 1: Before we start defining new things for 2017 let’s start with those things that we said we would do last year but we actually didn’t do last year. I want you to look at those and identify reasons why you didn’t move on with these things? Why did you not get started with these things?

But don’t get too hung up on this. I’m sure there was a good reason for that. Maybe they were not as important after all. That’s fine, but look at them asking yourself whether that is something you actually would like to move to next year.

In order to facilitate this judgment, I want you to think of four categories of things that will help you define what you want to do for next year.




Category #1: the must haves, the focus areas of your life: Ask yourself: is it an activity that is at the core of the life you want to have? Is it an activity of in the core of the life you want to live and lead? Is it something that is related to your personal growth? Those activities are the must haves. They are those activities that need to be the focus of next year.

Category #2: the nice-to-haves: This is about your hobbies, it’s everything about entertainment, it’s everything that is that you could do but it’s not related to personal growth or to advancing you and moving you forward.

Category #3: the clutter: All those things that you actually should not be doing or you should be doing less of. Maybe browsing in the internet, maybe Facebooking…all these things.

By the way, you can also use this categorization to look at last year, but it’s particularly important when you move forward because we don’t want to look too much back, we want to look forward, okay?

Category #4: the clutter: administrative stuff. This is optional. However, because administrative things take a lot of our time, you don’t want to neglect this and to overestimate the time that you have left for the things that matter to you. Maybe it’s worth capturing too, that’s what I do at least.

You look at those things that you didn’t do last year and you look whether they are worth moving forward to next year based on this categorization.


STEP 2: Then you look at all the new things. Look at all the new things that you want to do keeping in mind the above categories. Respect the time you allocate to different things based on the category they have. Add things to your entertainment only if you really have sorted out the focus areas of your life first.


STEP 3: Then you look at those things that actually were bothering you. Remember at the beginning when we looked back at the year, we also captured those things that we didn’t like about ourselves, right?

Now, is the time to tackle them. For instance, if you were feeling that you compare yourself to others too much, now you can say, “I want to be more grateful about the things that I actually have”.

Or you might say, “I rushed into my day. I felt, I react too much”. Maybe now is the time to be more intentional about the day. To start and install a morning routine. To try mindfulness for a change.

Look at those things that were bothering you and define what will help you tackle those. Do something differently, really think about something in a different way. It will excite you and it will make you look forward to it. And it will also tell your mind that you can do things that you put your mind to it. It will prove to yourself that you can do these things.


STEP 4: Now, the final step in terms of planning for next year is to create an environment where your new trial actually has a chance to succeed. Particularly important, if you’re doing this for the first time. But also, if you are trying something new and want to do something differently.

You have to ask yourself the questions,

  • what kind of person do I need to be in order to be successful at what I planned to do? What kind of skills and capabilities do I need?”
  • what types of routines do I need to install in order to be successful?

This are very important points because they allow you to create an environment where these changes can actually happen.




Now, these were the suggestions I hope that they make sense to you. I’m not going to go through a summary, because I will make it available below the video. Please, feel free to have a look at those. Check everything step by step and ask yourself the proposed questions.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s going to be tough in the beginning. Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t get frustrated if things don’t go immediately as they should.

And don’t assume because planning the year ahead didn’t work last year then it will not work this year. Because if you assume this, then this is one thing that you should capture under ‘self-limiting beliefs’.

It might be a cliché but a new year in general it is a marking point in our lives. At least it is in our heads. And as a new day can bring a new opportunity so can a new year bring the chance for a lasting change.




It can happen. You only need to do to believe that this is possible and keep trying. You need to keep moving forward and you need to try and do something differently. If you don’t do something different you cannot expect something different to happen. Keep trying to be intentional.


I hope this helped you, I hope it gave you a little bit of inspiration and the tool for you to look back at what you’ve achieved so far and how you can transfer these things and improve for next year.

I hope it was helpful. If it was, please leave a comment. Leave your thoughts, and tell me how YOU plan your next year. Let me know if something that you learned today and tried did not work for you and what was in the way. I’m always curious to learn.

If you like this, please click on the thumb or please click on the little heart depending on where you see this video. If you liked it very much, please share it. I’m grateful to be able to help people to plan for their lives and for the next years to come.

I thank you very much for watching and until the next post all the best.


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