No progress? Are you getting the basics right?




When we don’t get the results that we would like to get and don’t experience the progress that we expected, very often it is due to the fact that we focus on the wrong things.


We pull the wrong levers and tweak and fine-tune the wrong elements. We think too complicated and way too many steps ahead.


This is the moment where you should ask yourself: “Am I getting the basics right?”


Step back for a minute and become aware of the fundamentals that constitute whatever you are about to do. Here a few examples:

  • Want to lose weight? Eat less, and eat slowly
  • Want to be more productive? Track how you spend your time now.


There is always something at the core of what we do, which if we get right, the rest is peanuts. If we ignore it though, it will haunt us sooner or later.


What is it in your case? What might be the fundamentals that you are overlooking that cause your current struggle?


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can continue living as a role model!


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Hi everybody, it’s Tasso.


In a previous post, I shared with you how people very often sabotage themselves and keep themselves from achieving those things that they are capable of achieving.



Because there are always multiple components to the success of any endeavor, and much too often we skip one. This can happen consciously or subconsciously, and I gave you the example of healthier living.


Often people excessively focus on exercising and forget about all the other things that contribute to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle, i.e. hydration, nutrition, and getting proper sleep in order to recover.


Or the other way around, they’re obsessed about nutrition and then they don’t exercise, or don’t hydrate, or don’t eat well.


It’s like having a car, you cannot drive with only three wheels, you need all four of them.


Now, this post today is kind of a continuation of that article in a way to help you move forward and advance when things don’t go as you want them to go.


When I look back on my life and I looked at mistakes that I’ve made, struggles that I faced, I realized that in most cases, I’ve been pulling on the wrong lever. I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.


I’m going to give you an example, a very recent example to illustrate what I mean by that: For a very long time I’ve been trying to sustainably get into better shape, to get a leaner body, reduce my body fat if you wish.


And so recently sitting down for dinner with my wife I told her, “You know, I would like maybe to start eating cleaner”, and my mind was going towards cutting off meat or going vegan…all sorts of things.


She looked at me and said, “Hmm, maybe you should just eat less and slower”.


I don’t know why she said that, probably, she was offended because my statement implied that her food was not a “clean food”.


Of course, there’s nothing further from the truth. She cooks wonderfully and perfectly healthy practically every day of the week, but that statement opened up my eyes.


How often do we try to tweak things (the wrong things), and wonder why things don’t change?


And the solution is simple. The solution is getting back to the basics.

  • If you want to change on nutrition, you don’t skim the magazines, looking for what celebrities eat, checking on the most recent and fancy diet. Instead, you look at your portion size (i.e. eating less) and you look at how you eat (eating more slowly more mindfully).
  • Do you consider taking supplements? Well, first look whether you can adjust your nutrition with the current healthy food that you put on the table, things that will give you the nutrients that you think you’re missing.
  • Or are you an entrepreneur? Instead of maybe fine-tuning your website and optimizing your social media presence, and maybe your IT infrastructure for your computers, ask yourself, “What is it that I’m selling? Do I have something to sell?”, or, “What is my message?”.
  • If you want to manage your time better then don’t go around looking for the fancy app that wonder/miracle application for your smartphone that will make everything happen. No, start by becoming aware of how you spend your time right now.



It sounds like a no-brainer, right? And still we make the same mistake again and again. We think way too complicated and way too many steps ahead.


I’m not saying that we cannot get things done if we don’t focus on the basics and get to the core of it. Of course, you can learn how to do pull-ups if you’re a heavy person but it will require much more energy because you have to lift every single kilo that you have on top.


Of course, you can build a faster car by designing a wonderful and powerful engine, but maybe the better way is to actually look at reducing the weight of the car. And by the way, you would then also save some fuel.


You see that there is always that one thing that if we did that, everything else will become easier or unnecessary. This is something that Jay Papasan and Gary Keller are discussing in their book, The One Thing. It’s exactly what they say.


In order to prioritize better and become more productive, look at what you’re about to do, what you want to do, and look for that one thing that if you did that, it will make other things easier or even unnecessary.



And what I’m adding here, what I’m saying in this post is basically that for this one thing you might not have to look too far. This one thing might be the simplest thing, the most basic thing, the most obvious thing.


Now, what would it mean for you at this very moment, in your situation, to “go back to basics”? What lever would you need to pull in order to make things easier in your life? Think about it for a minute or even better take the time and write it in the comments section below.


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Until the next post, all the best.



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